50th Anniversary Addition

Further to the report on our 50th Anniversary afternoon tea with guest Nick Gibb MP, we failed to mention that the written question from Sam and Jane Jones (apologies to them) concerned a possible link between the number of HMOs (houses of multiple occupation) in the town and the increasing amount of antisocial behaviour being experienced and the apparent lack of sufficient policing.
Nick not only acknowledged there were problems to be looked into but went so far as to offer to arrange a meeting, hopefully this autumn, with councillors, other interested parties and members of our Society.
We shall be writing to Nick to ask him to go ahead with arrangements for a meeting and in the meantime was are asking you all for relevant thoughts and experiences on:
The running of local HMOs
Any local incidents with HMO residents involving antisocial behaviour
Policing and town wardens
Realistic steps to improve matters
Your own personal experiences would be valuable to us in presenting the Society’s case at any subsequent meetings so do please get in touch, preferably in writing. Thank you.