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August news

Our first post lock down Coffee Morning on Friday was an informal affair. With no invited speaker we sat in the round with members and interested parties getting up to date with the more pressing concerns of our town.

Good to report the lime tree by the arcade has been saved, and important to note it means the Regeneration Plans can be changed after all, so what next. We will continue to challenge applications showing poor, or bad, planning and to promote, even suggest, good planning examples.

You will be getting an invitation to a multi-group organised public meeting on 24th August to discuss the Rampton 2 proposals. Please RSVP if you are able to attend what will certainly be a highly informative evening.

Sue Penn continues to make progress with a projected Community Garden in the orchard behind Maltravers Bowling Green. She has Council support for this and plans for the raised beds are advancing, the next hurdle will be arrangements for a water supply. This garden will be a great asset to the community, another local activity of use to many groups and to our residents. Any offers of help, short or long term, or useful suggestions please do contact us.

Now things are starting to happen once again we hope to be issuing more frequent newsletters to keep you informed of local matters of interest to this Society.

Stay well and we hope to see you at our AGM at 7 pm on Thursday 2nd September in the Millennium Chamber as usual. Oh, and please bring any subs that are due.

Civic Society News Newsletters

Coffee Mornings are back

Come and join us for a chat
Being the first meeting we’ve had in such a long time, the conversation will be open to any topics that arise. We would like to hear what you’ve got to say.

Masks are optional, hand washing areas are available and windows will be open. Seating will be spaced further than previously arranged.


Civic Society News Newsletters

Wind Farm Consultation

Dear Members,

We hope this finds you well, and enjoying life in many ways.

This is a reminder that the Statement for Community Consultation for the proposed Rampion 2 extension project is being offered in paper format at the Littlehampton Library, Maltravers Road, BN17 5NA. These will be freely available until Monday, 12 July, 2021.

Alternatively, you can obtain a copy online, here, and also read the Littlehampton Town Council’s press release, here.

This proposal for a large-scale industrial power station along the entire horizon of the Sussex Bay is something we need to be fully aware of and give our input to. We have until 14 September 2021 to have our say.

The Littlehampton Society will be hosting a market stall in the High Street as part of LOCA’s Artisan Market, on Saturday, 17 July, 2021, from 11:00 to 15:00. We will ensure to bring as much information as possible, so please do come down to visit us if you can.

We wish you all the best, and look forward to seeing you in town on the 17th, if you can make it, as we have missed seeing your faces.

Civic Society News Newsletters

Save the tree

Dear Members
Arun District Council is planning to remove the lime tree at the entrance of the arcade as part of the town centre improvements. This is a beautiful tree, which has been a part of our town centre for many years and we want it to remain.

If you want to have your say about the tree and the regeneration design please come along to a gathering at 10am Saturday 3rd July at the arcade entrance, where a reporter from the Littlehampton Gazette wishes to hear the views of the community.

Please tell family and friends.

Sorry for the short notice.

Civic Society News Newsletters

Starting to happen

May is due to bring an easing of the lockdown conditions and changes in our councils. Arun District Council will move from Cabinets to Committees on the 19th which should mean that decision making powers will be spread more widely among our representatives.

Regeneration: the committee will be handing over to a new Economic Committee , yet to be formed, however, at the last meeting it was agreed to revisit the old “Vision” plans for our seafront, which you will recall caused us all to step up and Save the Windmill, presumably they will be commending it to the new committee in due course and we may need to save the Windmill again!

Rampion 2: the running saga over public consultation continues giving the impression that the company wishes it to be very short and kept away from contentious topics. Our Society has added its support to the fine work by Larry Haas and the East Beach Residents Association, among others, calling for more discussion of the these most intrusive proposals. We urge everyone to become aware of the potential effects of this wind farm extension.

Boklok: the plans are out for the development between The Academy and Rose Mead Park and your committee are largely in favour of them, with one or two reservations. The homes will be largely built off site and will contain elements of affordable and social housing. You can see them on ADC planning site, ref LU/116/21/PL, look at the access, density, height, etc, and see what you think, we would like to know.

Beach Huts: the application for 20 more beach huts along the seafront has been rejected on the grounds that they would block the view to the detriment of residents and visitors alike. This may not be the last we hear of this project as it has some backing at council level, so do watch out for it.

Pier Road: will be closed to traffic again this year (mid May to end of September); more outside tables and the promise of entertainments as the restrictions are lifted. Our Town Council want to keep things quite low key to avoid congestion but it is a welcomed start in our opinion.

Some local groups are planning small events for late summer onwards and we have our fingers crossed for suitable weather to enjoy them. We would ask you to remember to keep it local, our traders and our volunteers need all the help we can give them.

The Littlehampton Society are looking to hold our coffee mornings again as soon as is possible (July?) and we will be considering ways to increase and involve our membership so would welcome any input, ideas, areas of concern or offers of help.

There will be much to be done to rejuvenate our town over the next few years and your Society would like to be a part of the process.

The Committee.

Civic Society News Newsletters


Please read and make any comments either direct to ADC of to our Society.

Following pre-application consultation with the local community, we are writing to provide you with an update on our plans to deliver new housing on the vacant plot located between Littlehampton Academy and Rosemead Park.

We are pleased to confirm that BoKlok has now submitted a full planning application to Arun District Council for the development of land south of Littlehampton Academy. The application is for 112 much-needed, new sustainable homes, alongside attractive, high-quality landscaping and open green spaces that are sympathetic to the existing surroundings.

BoKlok originated in Sweden and translates quite simply as Live Smart. We deliver high-quality, modular housing utilising Modern Methods of Construction, which have much smaller carbon footprints – 50% less in fact – than traditional brick developments. This method of construction reduces the overall build time and consequently also reduces the disruptive impact on local communities, both in terms of noise and vehicle movements.

Boklok’s development model dramatically reduces the overall cost of delivering new homes, which means homes for private sale can be more affordable to local residents. We provide private sale homes on a ’Left-To-Live’ model, which takes into account the average salary of a full-time worker, their living expensive and their mortgage borrowing capacity. We have verified our calculations in the UK with New homes Mortgage, which means our model has a “real-life verification”. This is in addition to the policy-complaint 30% affordable housing being delivered on-site.

Public realm and landscaping are central to BoKlok schemes and our Littlehampton proposals are designed around a green, centrally-located ’Community Hub’. This community space will encourage social gatherings with open gardens and canopied shelters, as well as space for natural play, such as natural boulders and balancing stones. There may also be opportunities for community “Grow Zones”, where local residents will be able to grow herbs and vegetables.
Additionally, the scheme will include S106 contributions towards education, health and transport services in the local area. These contributions may help fund the provision of a new school and or improve / increase capacity of local doctors and dentist surgeries – this will ultimately be the decision of the local planning authority.

The submitted proposals have been developed to take the surrounding built-up area of Littlehampton into consideration, including:
The proposed dwellings have been positioned to preserve the privacy and general residential amenity of the surrounding dwellings and uses.
The retention and protection of the most significant trees on the site and extensive landscaping to form a ’green heart’ in the new community.

New development will have direct routes into Rosemead Park.

Each proposed house will benefit from a private garden and each proposed flat will benefit from a private balcony alongside communal open space.

Parking provision on-site for all residents, in line with West Sussex County Council’s requirements, as well as an on-site car club for the use of both existing and future residents.

New electric car charging points to support electric vehicles.

Access to the site will be from Fitzalan Road – our Transport Consultant has undertaken a full assessment of the local road network alongside engagement with Arun District Council and has deemed that the proposals would not have an unacceptable impact on the network.

An emergency access point onto Elm Grove Road, which will be controlled with bollards that have a standard emergency lock on them, and as such will only be able to be used by emergency vehicles.

Permeable, landscaped walking routes within the site connecting with Fitzalan Road, Elmgrove Road and the public footpath and Rosemead Park to the south.

You will be able to view the submitted plans and make comments online via the Council’s website: . Please go to the ’Planning applications’ section the ‘Application Search Post 1987 & Weekly Lists’ and search for the planning application using the reference number: LU/116/21/PL. Our proposals will be decided by Arun District Council in the coming months and you will be able to view the submitted plans on the council’s planning portal. If you would like any more information or have any queries, please get in touch with the project team on our Freephone information line – 0800 298 7040 –by email on, or via our website on

Your committee believes this could be an interesting new type of development in this area and will closely follow its progress.

Civic Society News Newsletters

Rampion 2 proposals

You have probably heard about the proposed extension to the Rampion Windfarm; they wish to have 116 much larger turbines stretching opposite Littlehampton and coming ashore at Climping. There was an informal consultation on line that you may have seen, it is still there with a video, on their website, and there is going to be a formal consultation later this year. This Society along with other groups in the area are consultees in the process. Elizabeth our Hon. Sec. is our representative. She has attended a virtual meeting and was able to put questions to the Rampion Team which they will be considering.

The committee is in favour of wind farms, but with reservations:
We are concerned with the size of base and height of the turbines, 2/3 times larger than those at present. Also its distance from land. The disturbance of the marine life, eg,  fish , seahorses, and all their foodstuff , all larval stages of invertebrates and vertebrates, microscopic life,  kelp beds and other vegetation, during construction. The sound of these much larger turbines affecting all life including us. The sound we cannot hear , infrasound, disruptive to us and wildlife . The underwater sound waves , which need looking into. The warning lights on top of the turbines ,constantly flashing could be disruptive, Disruption to migrating birds and insects. We have massive amounts crossing the sea to us, and travelling inland, and we do not want our little Nature Reserve to be damaged by this onshore installation of cables.
This electricity will go into the National Grid so we do not benefit directly from this windfarm . We hope that a form of compensation will be afforded to this town if it does go ahead .

Here are some links to give you more information:
Exhibition of plans:
Government statement:
Middleton’s objections:

Please do let us know your thoughts, but also please tell Rampion2 your opinion when the next consultation happens.
We will try and keep you informed.

Your committee.


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Seasons Greetings

The Committee would like to wish you all
Most of us will be experiencing a very different festive season and many of us will be having their first Christmas Day on their own and our thoughts go out to them. Hopefully, it will not be too long before we can start planning our lives again and we will then be in touch with our plans for your Society.

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October 2020 newsletter

Well, here we are at October already, so this is to let you know we are still here, still thinking and what we are thinking about. First, a few bits of good(ish) news:
GOOD NEWS 1: Our magazine has gone to print and we will be arranging to get your copies to you very soon (gentle reminder about subs inserted here).
GOOD NEWS 2: HMG are to legislate that shop/office conversions to flats are to have the same conditions as “new builds”, not retrospective so the existing hutches will be with us for a while.
GOOD NEWS 3: Nice to see how well Creative Heart are getting on with turning the old Tamarisk Centre into a much needed community asset.
GOOD NEWS 4: Art and Crafts now popping up all over town. Check out the Art Trail put on by LOCA. Buying gifts, or treating yourself, a lot of items priced for the low budget.

How did you feel about PIER ROAD closure, were you able to take advantage of it? We really do need to have your thoughts on this as we are considering presenting the Council with a plan for operating the scheme in future years at their meeting next month. Please do get in touch so we can gauge the support we may have.

Your COMMITTEE met (under Covid19 regs.) in September and accepted resignations from Sarah, as chair, who remains on the committee as stand in  treasurer, and Angela, who is standing down. The new co-chairs are Janet Crosley and Danny Surridge and Carlo Marogna was co-opted on as events secretary. We also had resignations from Kate Waterkeyn, treasurer, and Carla Stanley, due to change in commitments.
All this is very much “pro temps” until we are once again able to hold actual Society meetings. As a result there will be vacancies for committee members for the various posts once we can reassemble, so if you would like to join the committee now is a good time to step forward.

Winter is a-coming on so please do stay well, look out for each other and keep the grey matter ticking over until we meet again.


A Plan for Planning

The fine details of the government’s new planning system are yet to be published but the cries are already going up “We won’t be allowed to object to anything” – this is simply not true!

Even where a site has “permission in principle” you can still object to what is proposed to be put on that site and, it looks like, on the same grounds as before. Plans for conversion of buildings to residential use will also still be subject to scrutiny, as will demolition of existing properties to be replaced with housing; the details will be the subject of objections. To paraphrase the mantra “build more, build better and build where it is wanted”.

You can read the proposals so far at:
and enter your comments into their survey, which closes on 1st October 2020. It is rather a long document but well worth the effort and a chance to have your say.

This Society was formed to combat unsympathetic building, to preserve the best of the old and, at least by inference, to encourage the best of the new. We have had a hand in saving The Windmill, getting improvements to the plans for such sites as The Globe, the Duke Street cottage frontage and, currently, the revised plans for the Waitrose site are showing a deal of better thought, if not quite “right” yet.

The value of looking into our local planning applications is quite plain, and there have been lots of improvements to plans resulting from objections by members of the public as well as those by councillors and council staff. There is also the opportunity to offer constructive ideas and recommendations, it need not be a negative process.

Our Planning Authority, Arun District Council, publish weekly lists of applications on their website: (in the case of Littlehampton these have the prefix LU/) and details of an application can be seen by using the full planning reference . If you should want us to enter comments on behalf of yourself please contact us via our website or a committee member.

With The Academy due to reopen soon we are looking forward to developing contact with some of the younger members of our community who are showing interest in how their town is to be developed; their ideas of what they do and do not want for the town closely correspond with those of the older generation and this is backed up by the results of our survey started last year. A hopeful sign for the future we would like to think.