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December 2019 newsletter

First, apologies for the non appearance of a November newsletter; a seasonal bug took all your author’s energies for 2½ weeks, among other impediments too mundane to mention.

So, our November coffee morning had Paul Sanderson, the chaplain at The Littlehampton Academy, as our speaker. We learned much about how they are working to prepare pupils for their career and life choices, also how those pupils with difficult home lives or social disabilities are having help to face up to their problems. There are more opportunities to develop social awareness in today’s youngsters than you may think. Paul has proposed a return visit with a few students so that they can find out what we are all about. A few of our members are going to the Academy to see if there may be other ways in which we and they could work together.

December’s speaker had to postpone but, at short notice, Jackie Townsend, a newer member, stepped in with an informative talk, questions and answers, on her experience of living with osteoporosis. This developed into a general discussion of local health service provisions with many members contributing.

If anybody as suggestions for future speakers who might be of interest to us (and want no fee) please feel free to contact us.

We are looking for a new Honorary Secretary as our last one, Emma Tyler, has now got lots more paying professional work than will permit her time to continue assisting us. We thank Emma for getting us back onto the straight and narrow and in the meanwhile some of your Committee are being trained up on operating our website, with Sue Penn now ensconced as our Membership Secretary. We want our new website to become much more informative and user friendly. If you do know where a suitable Hon. Sec. may be hiding, or may become available, do let us know urgently.

Only at a very early stage, there is an idea to develop the strip of land on the east side of the river to the north of the road bridge, details of the concept are on: which has details of an associated exhibition.

We have been approached by Sussex Community Rail Partnership enquiring if our Society would be interested in “adopting” Littlehampton Station waiting room area, i.e. smarten it up and make it more welcoming. A grant for materials is available and we would provide hands. Something for us to consider at a meeting perhaps?

Our next coffee morning will be on Friday 3d January, 10.30 am at St Mary’s Church Hall and our speaker will be Dr. Sarah Renfrey on the Littlehampton Community Fridge. No doubt we will be discussing plans for 2020 in our open forum.

Your Chairman and Committee would like to thank you for your continued support and to wish you all a Happy Christmas and a Peaceable New Year.

Civic Society News Newsletters

June Newsletter 2019

June 2019 Newsletter

Look & Sea cafe will be opening for the “season” around the third week of this month so do go

along sometime to welcome back our old gathering place. No news on the tower as yet.

You can also visit our stall for Civic Day on Saturday 22nd June in the High Street outside Sainsburys. If you have paid your subs collect your free copy of Link or pay them there. We will have lots of new information, the chance to do our own survey on the town’s future and we are to have several walks around the town (if only in leaflet form). The survey will also ask how popular having monthly evening/Saturday meetings

We are going to be asking our supporters their views on the proposal to change the name of this society to The Littlehampton Society, while maintaining all our pre sent affiliations. This is because so many of the public think the word Civic implies we are an arm of the District Council, which of course we are not.

With your help, we want to form sub committees starting with an Events sub committee to assist our Events Secretary who is ploughing a lone furrow. This will be only on an as and when basis, would not take up much of your time and you would be under no obligation to attend meetings and so forth. Please give this some thought. If you can give us an hour at any of our events it would be most appreciated, it might even be fun.

We are actively pursuing several possibilities that could lead to the establishment of a town hub somewhere in the town centre, to replace the much missed Tamarisk Centre, and the prospects are a little brighter then before. We now know another party has been granted a lease.

Our next coffee morning will be Friday 5th July when our speaker will be Adam Swain from WSCC on Waste Prevention and Household Recycling.

Remember it is your Society. Your comments, thoughts, ideas and helping hands are so vital.