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June 2020 Newsletter

We hope you are all still coping with these strange conditions, things have moved on just a tiny bit since the last newsletter and we can perhaps start to think about our community’s future.


The first phase of the Town Regeneration Scheme is now due to start in January, sensibly after the Christmas shopping period, by which time we might be able to “Shop Locally”, “Eat Locally” and “Drink Locally”, to help our traders’ recovery.

There have been some “virtual” council meetings from which we have learned some more details of intent, subject to ADC’s final approval, a few of which are:
Proposed speed limit in town of 20 mph,
Wider variety of tree plantings,
Inclusion of the Arcade in the paving,
The town clock to be retained as is.
Minutes of these meetings are on line and are worth studying as we can influence some details such as the species of trees to be planted; the number of trees in town is to be increased, but fewer flower beds. We have put forward some ideas (and objections) to our Councils and there is still time for your thoughts to be considered so please do let us have them.

ADC Officers are going to look again at St. Martins car park, in conjunction with the Waitrose site
perhaps; they have been given 9 months to investigate possible development and partner schemes.
This is another opportunity for us to consider how this may benefit the town, one thought is the design of a low rise multi storey car park to preserve the numbers of parking spaces and another could be a community use building of some sort, or a hub. Thinking caps on please.

In our current circumstances it is all the more important for us to keep a weather eye on planning applications and to make our objections/suggestions for improvements as necessary so do be alert to any proposals.


The Town Show has now been cancelled for this September and held over until next year.

It is noted that Creative Hearts is hoping to open in September, another venue for the town.

We need somewhere safe and dry to store our gazebo and 2 tables (all folded down) plus various paperwork and event materials, a space the size of a small shed would be enough, if you have the space available please get in touch.

With the future of our town in mind, we hope to extend the eyes and ears of our Society by asking members with suitable interests and skills to become active behind the scenes looking into specific aspects of our community, on an informal as and when basis, anybody interested in helping?

Our condolences go out to relatively new member Bob Bravington who has lost his wife Maureen
to complications following an operation. We hope you will keep in touch with us Bob.

Our congratulations to Kate and Tristan on the birth of Sebastian, all doing well.

Stay safe, stay well.

Civic Society News Newsletters

Health Services Petition

A petition has just been set up by a local resident calling for more provision of health services in the Littlehampton area. This follows the apparent abandonment of the One Public Estate West Sussex Partnership, the lengthily considered scheme to include replacement facilities for the much mourned Littlehampton Hospital.
It is the view of your society that the town has expanded, and is still expanding, beyond the ability of our local health services to cope with the needs of its local residents, and is detrimental to the future development of the area.
Would you like to consider signing this petition, using the link shown below, to help to indicate the strength of feeling our community has on this matter. Thank you.

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April 2020, Lock down Newsletter

Hello and how are you in these testing times? We hope you are well and doing your best to stay that way.

What with self isolation and safe distancing, to say nothing about our individual difficulties and sadnesses, we may find it hard to cope, at least today we have the phone and the internet and can communicate with each other.

Our Littlehampton Society is fortunately in a sound financial state, which is more than can be said for many charities and institutions. There is an avalanche of appeals for donations of money so please support those you choose as much as you feel you can, perhaps think back over the charities who have provided speakers for our coffee mornings. Can you sew or knit? You can join in making items for our local medics and care workers. You may be able to give support to an organisation by making phone calls to very isolated people. If you, yourself, are in need of any help do not hesitate for a moment to ask for it. And, of course, support our local traders whenever possible.

Our meeting to discuss the first phase of the Town Regeneration has been cancelled with all the others, so we are writing to John Edgvet with a list of questions we would like answered and when we have any information we will pass it on to you.

A planning application in respect of 28, Surrey Street, the old Market Shop has been made, reference is LU/46/20/PL. The materials proposed for the roof and the front windows would, in our opinion, be unsympathetic with the surrounding buildings, so our Society is submitting the appropriate objection. If you can back with up with your own individual objections it would add weight to the need for changing those specifications.

We have obtained a grant for the production of our next Link magazine and work is going to to get articles for it. If you think you have something to contribute, an article of local interest, or a poem about the area for a projected poetry page, or even a suggestion of a contributor we might approach, then please contact Angela, our events secretary.

Stay safe, stay well and we will meet again in the fullness of time.

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February 2020 Newsletter

February 2020 Newsletter

Apologies for the delay in publication which was due to surgery at Worthing Hospital, where all the staff encountered were absolutely wonderful.

For our February Coffee Morning we hosted Turning Tides who are doing great work locally with the homeless, not just in finding beds for the night but also helping people to get back on their feet and contributing to the community. If you feel you can help them with donations or offering support you can find out more at:

Following the visit to The Littlehampton Academy by Janet Crosley, Sue Penn and Pauline Latter we sent a letter to all councillors with the results of our own survey and the views taken from the school children. Whilst it is perhaps surprising to note how much the views of all age groups in the town have in common (and therefore a good guide to our community’s opinions and requirements), it is less so that there has been little, so far, engagement from our representatives on regeneration matters. However, a chance to grill Hugh Coster at our next coffee morning may prove to be
quite informative.

On the subject of town regeneration, and in the light of recent weathers and climate change, do we not feel that flood mitigation and resilience should be serious considerations at all levels? Or are they? Interesting to read in the application for changes at the old Gratwick pub, LU/376/19/PD, that it is in a “low flood risk area”!
It is at the junction of Anchor Springs and East Street which is the lowest point in the town and we all have seen the photographic evidence of flooding. There are other proposals for this part of town and if they all plead the same low risk will the risk be pushed on to the High Street, Beach Road, etc. Maybe time for reassessment of what does constitute flood risk.

We would very much like to have a small number of “planning application watchers”
to keep us up to speed on developments, not at all a time consuming task if you are unable to attend council meetings, although we do need a couple more for that.

Our coffee morning on 6th March (poster attached) will give us all an opportunity to put questions and ideas to Hugh Coster, Chair of Bognor’s Civic Society and now an independent councillor on ADC, so do come and see what we, and he, can learn.

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January 2020 Newsletter

January 2020 Newsletter

We started the New Year with Dr Sarah Renfrey giving our January Coffee Morning a talk on the work of Littlehampton Community Fridge, whose ethos is reducing food waste as well as helping the less fortunate, indeed, it is open to anybody and everybody. Look them up and see what you can do for them (egg boxes are often needed) as well as what they may have for you.

ADC have their Design Guide (part of the Local Plan) out for comment. Do take a look through it, either at the one copy in the library or online at:
It is quite a read but well worth the effort as it will (we hope) provide much ammunition for grounds for objections to poor planning applications’ design and siting. There are Response Forms available at the Council and we hope to have some at our February Coffee Morning, alternatively let us have your comments to present through our Society.
It is reported that fresh design drawings for the Town Regeneration of the town centre (which has now got the funding in place!) are soon to be published and our Society will get the opportunity to comment, as well as it going out for public consultation. We are told there will not be any “significant changes” allowed from the first designs, so we are seeking clarification as to what would be less than significant and therefore open to public influence. Keep an eye open for a real chance to have your say if only within their set limits.

On the subject of planning: could we put together, say, 3 or 4 people to share watching planning applications, attending relevant (not all) Councils’ meetings, asking questions or presenting written questions, and so forth, to help our Society keep informed of development around the town?

Our Society is wondering what should be our next major campaign. Ideas have been mentioned around: climate change, future development, increasing risk of floods, etc. Would you like to think about what objectives may be suitable for our Society’s attention and give us your suggestions.
Your Committee is always open to thoughts on fund raising, increasing membership and supporting other local voluntary groups in their projects. We would also wlecome your views on holding lunch time and/or evening meetings. Please come and talk to us.

Our nest Monthly Coffee Morning will be on Friday 7th February, 10.30 am to 12.30 pm, at St. Mary’s Church Hall, Littlehampton, when we will host Turning Tides, whose work on reducing homelessness in the town has just been featured in the Gazette. We hope you will join us for what promises to be an interesting talk, affecting the town’s future ambience, we believe. Our Events team are lining up more speakers on topics of local concern.

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December 2019 newsletter

First, apologies for the non appearance of a November newsletter; a seasonal bug took all your author’s energies for 2½ weeks, among other impediments too mundane to mention.

So, our November coffee morning had Paul Sanderson, the chaplain at The Littlehampton Academy, as our speaker. We learned much about how they are working to prepare pupils for their career and life choices, also how those pupils with difficult home lives or social disabilities are having help to face up to their problems. There are more opportunities to develop social awareness in today’s youngsters than you may think. Paul has proposed a return visit with a few students so that they can find out what we are all about. A few of our members are going to the Academy to see if there may be other ways in which we and they could work together.

December’s speaker had to postpone but, at short notice, Jackie Townsend, a newer member, stepped in with an informative talk, questions and answers, on her experience of living with osteoporosis. This developed into a general discussion of local health service provisions with many members contributing.

If anybody as suggestions for future speakers who might be of interest to us (and want no fee) please feel free to contact us.

We are looking for a new Honorary Secretary as our last one, Emma Tyler, has now got lots more paying professional work than will permit her time to continue assisting us. We thank Emma for getting us back onto the straight and narrow and in the meanwhile some of your Committee are being trained up on operating our website, with Sue Penn now ensconced as our Membership Secretary. We want our new website to become much more informative and user friendly. If you do know where a suitable Hon. Sec. may be hiding, or may become available, do let us know urgently.

Only at a very early stage, there is an idea to develop the strip of land on the east side of the river to the north of the road bridge, details of the concept are on: which has details of an associated exhibition.

We have been approached by Sussex Community Rail Partnership enquiring if our Society would be interested in “adopting” Littlehampton Station waiting room area, i.e. smarten it up and make it more welcoming. A grant for materials is available and we would provide hands. Something for us to consider at a meeting perhaps?

Our next coffee morning will be on Friday 3d January, 10.30 am at St Mary’s Church Hall and our speaker will be Dr. Sarah Renfrey on the Littlehampton Community Fridge. No doubt we will be discussing plans for 2020 in our open forum.

Your Chairman and Committee would like to thank you for your continued support and to wish you all a Happy Christmas and a Peaceable New Year.

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June Newsletter 2019

June 2019 Newsletter

Look & Sea cafe will be opening for the “season” around the third week of this month so do go

along sometime to welcome back our old gathering place. No news on the tower as yet.

You can also visit our stall for Civic Day on Saturday 22nd June in the High Street outside Sainsburys. If you have paid your subs collect your free copy of Link or pay them there. We will have lots of new information, the chance to do our own survey on the town’s future and we are to have several walks around the town (if only in leaflet form). The survey will also ask how popular having monthly evening/Saturday meetings

We are going to be asking our supporters their views on the proposal to change the name of this society to The Littlehampton Society, while maintaining all our pre sent affiliations. This is because so many of the public think the word Civic implies we are an arm of the District Council, which of course we are not.

With your help, we want to form sub committees starting with an Events sub committee to assist our Events Secretary who is ploughing a lone furrow. This will be only on an as and when basis, would not take up much of your time and you would be under no obligation to attend meetings and so forth. Please give this some thought. If you can give us an hour at any of our events it would be most appreciated, it might even be fun.

We are actively pursuing several possibilities that could lead to the establishment of a town hub somewhere in the town centre, to replace the much missed Tamarisk Centre, and the prospects are a little brighter then before. We now know another party has been granted a lease.

Our next coffee morning will be Friday 5th July when our speaker will be Adam Swain from WSCC on Waste Prevention and Household Recycling.

Remember it is your Society. Your comments, thoughts, ideas and helping hands are so vital.