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October 2020 newsletter

Well, here we are at October already, so this is to let you know we are still here, still thinking and what we are thinking about. First, a few bits of good(ish) news:
GOOD NEWS 1: Our magazine has gone to print and we will be arranging to get your copies to you very soon (gentle reminder about subs inserted here).
GOOD NEWS 2: HMG are to legislate that shop/office conversions to flats are to have the same conditions as “new builds”, not retrospective so the existing hutches will be with us for a while.
GOOD NEWS 3: Nice to see how well Creative Heart are getting on with turning the old Tamarisk Centre into a much needed community asset.
GOOD NEWS 4: Art and Crafts now popping up all over town. Check out the Art Trail put on by LOCA. Buying gifts, or treating yourself, a lot of items priced for the low budget.

How did you feel about PIER ROAD closure, were you able to take advantage of it? We really do need to have your thoughts on this as we are considering presenting the Council with a plan for operating the scheme in future years at their meeting next month. Please do get in touch so we can gauge the support we may have.

Your COMMITTEE met (under Covid19 regs.) in September and accepted resignations from Sarah, as chair, who remains on the committee as stand in  treasurer, and Angela, who is standing down. The new co-chairs are Janet Crosley and Danny Surridge and Carlo Marogna was co-opted on as events secretary. We also had resignations from Kate Waterkeyn, treasurer, and Carla Stanley, due to change in commitments.
All this is very much “pro temps” until we are once again able to hold actual Society meetings. As a result there will be vacancies for committee members for the various posts once we can reassemble, so if you would like to join the committee now is a good time to step forward.

Winter is a-coming on so please do stay well, look out for each other and keep the grey matter ticking over until we meet again.