Rampion 2 proposals

You have probably heard about the proposed extension to the Rampion Windfarm; they wish to have 116 much larger turbines stretching opposite Littlehampton and coming ashore at Climping. There was an informal consultation on line that you may have seen, it is still there with a video, on their website, and there is going to be a formal consultation later this year. This Society along with other groups in the area are consultees in the process. Elizabeth our Hon. Sec. is our representative. She has attended a virtual meeting and was able to put questions to the Rampion Team which they will be considering.

The committee is in favour of wind farms, but with reservations:
We are concerned with the size of base and height of the turbines, 2/3 times larger than those at present. Also its distance from land. The disturbance of the marine life, eg,  fish , seahorses, and all their foodstuff , all larval stages of invertebrates and vertebrates, microscopic life,  kelp beds and other vegetation, during construction. The sound of these much larger turbines affecting all life including us. The sound we cannot hear , infrasound, disruptive to us and wildlife . The underwater sound waves , which need looking into. The warning lights on top of the turbines ,constantly flashing could be disruptive, Disruption to migrating birds and insects. We have massive amounts crossing the sea to us, and travelling inland, and we do not want our little Nature Reserve to be damaged by this onshore installation of cables.
This electricity will go into the National Grid so we do not benefit directly from this windfarm . We hope that a form of compensation will be afforded to this town if it does go ahead .

Here are some links to give you more information:
Exhibition of plans:
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Middleton’s objections:

Please do let us know your thoughts, but also please tell Rampion2 your opinion when the next consultation happens.
We will try and keep you informed.

Your committee.