Urgent: Rampion 2

Rampion 2 consultation

Very short notice but if anyone can get in on this it may be helpful to the cause,
This text is from an exchange of e mails extracted for speed of posting.

I have only just spotted that Rampion had launched two virtual meetings one on 12 February – gone – and the other on 28 February this coming Monday.  You can sign up for zoom participation. I see no further meetings organised during this period or at all.

To find this you need to click the small button (Consultation) at the top of the Rampion 2 re opens Consultation page (google this info this comes up).  the furthest bubble down on the left had side refers to the item that opens up Have your say. Called sign up for one of our virtual events.  Without clicking the small button you do not get easily the ability to make any comments.

I have concerns if not many people sign up to this it will give them grounds to say no one is interested and therefore a waste of time to hold a face to face public meeting.

We have I know a number of questions that need an answer not least the covert way – yet again they have announced these two meetings  which appear to breach some adequacy and inclusion issues already raised as far as I know – we know we are unlikely to get any useful answers.  It will be uncomfortable if we could field public interest and we need a show of defence in protecting what we are fighting for.  In my view. 

This must be recorded and we have the right to a copy of the recording I believe.

Hope we can muster support and perhaps organise  uncomfortable/searching questions – not the same ones!   I have signed up and would like some direction here. 

In order to ask a question you have to type it into the chat and then they select the questions that they want to answer.
So no difficult questions. All spinned to sound pro Rampion.
So you will have to bear that in mind. It may be if they repeat and you record this that it might provide evidence of a biased consultation.