June 2020 Newsletter

We hope you are all still coping with these strange conditions, things have moved on just a tiny bit since the last newsletter and we can perhaps start to think about our community’s future.


The first phase of the Town Regeneration Scheme is now due to start in January, sensibly after the Christmas shopping period, by which time we might be able to “Shop Locally”, “Eat Locally” and “Drink Locally”, to help our traders’ recovery.

There have been some “virtual” council meetings from which we have learned some more details of intent, subject to ADC’s final approval, a few of which are:
Proposed speed limit in town of 20 mph,
Wider variety of tree plantings,
Inclusion of the Arcade in the paving,
The town clock to be retained as is.
Minutes of these meetings are on line and are worth studying as we can influence some details such as the species of trees to be planted; the number of trees in town is to be increased, but fewer flower beds. We have put forward some ideas (and objections) to our Councils and there is still time for your thoughts to be considered so please do let us have them.

ADC Officers are going to look again at St. Martins car park, in conjunction with the Waitrose site
perhaps; they have been given 9 months to investigate possible development and partner schemes.
This is another opportunity for us to consider how this may benefit the town, one thought is the design of a low rise multi storey car park to preserve the numbers of parking spaces and another could be a community use building of some sort, or a hub. Thinking caps on please.

In our current circumstances it is all the more important for us to keep a weather eye on planning applications and to make our objections/suggestions for improvements as necessary so do be alert to any proposals.


The Town Show has now been cancelled for this September and held over until next year.

It is noted that Creative Hearts is hoping to open in September, another venue for the town.

We need somewhere safe and dry to store our gazebo and 2 tables (all folded down) plus various paperwork and event materials, a space the size of a small shed would be enough, if you have the space available please get in touch.

With the future of our town in mind, we hope to extend the eyes and ears of our Society by asking members with suitable interests and skills to become active behind the scenes looking into specific aspects of our community, on an informal as and when basis, anybody interested in helping?

Our condolences go out to relatively new member Bob Bravington who has lost his wife Maureen
to complications following an operation. We hope you will keep in touch with us Bob.

Our congratulations to Kate and Tristan on the birth of Sebastian, all doing well.

Stay safe, stay well.